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Bikie gang law in force today

The Advertiser | June 08, 2008,22606,23828355-2682,00.html

THE first stage of the State Government’s three-pronged legislative attack on outlaw bikie gangs and their associates comes into force today.

Gang members involved in brawls or those threatening witnesses will be charged with new offences under the Public Order Offences Act, which carries penalties of up to 10 years’ jail or fines of up to $10,000.

The new charges available to police are riot, affray and violent disorder.

They have been designed specifically to target offenders who have previously escaped justice because of witness intimidation or situations in which witnesses – such …

Bikers Fight Back Against SA’s Draconian Laws

Bikie gangs form fund to mount High Court challenge

Colin James, Legal Affairs Editor: The Advertiser | May 22, 2008,22606,23744533-5006301,00.html

MAJOR bikie gangs have formed a fighting fund to mount a High Court challenge against controversial laws aimed at driving them out of the state.

The Hells Angels, Finks, Rebels and Gypsy Jokers have told their lawyers – including several Queen’s Counsel – to join to overturn the laws, passed by State Parliament despite widespread criticism from lawyers and civil libertarians.

The Advertiser has confirmed the gangs have begun raising funds to ensure the country’s best constitutional experts can …

Lawyer says bikie gangs will fight SA laws

ABC | May 23, 2008

A barrister says bikie gangs are uniting to challenge the South Australian Government’s anti-gangs legislation.

New laws to take effect from July will let authorities restrict association and declare gangs illegal.

Barrister Craig Caldicott says groups are putting aside differences and plan to fund a High Court challenge.

“A number of the groups are talking,” he said.

“You must bear in mind that not just bikies but it’s any group that the Attorney-General and the Commissioner of Police target.

“Probably (Premier) Mr Rann and (Attorney-General) Mr Atkinson have done better to unite the groups …

Draconian Laws to ‘Squash’ Bikers & Everyone Else Along With Them

Law passed to ‘squash’ bikies

Joanna Vaughan, Political Reporter: The Advertiser | May 08, 2008,22606,23662466-2682,00.html

POLICE soon will have the power to “squash” bikie gangs and force them to move elsewhere after the Government’s controversial anti-bikie legislation passed through Parliament last night.
Police Minister Paul Holloway said SA was on the verge of having the nation’s and perhaps the world’s toughest anti-bikie laws.

“These are the laws that police have asked for and, finally, we are able to ensure police have exactly what they need to take on these criminal bikie gangs,” he said.

When the laws are gazetted,