Australians Should Reject Anti-Islam Rallies Says Race Discrimination Commissioner

… And Report on Reclaim Australia – Adelaide Rally

Adelaide, South Australia | November 2015

Australians ‘should reject’ violent anti-Islam rallies, Race Discrimination Commissioner says

Anti-Islam rallies in Melbourne and around the country on Sunday have been described as “ugly and disappointing” by Australia’s Race Discrimination Commissioner.

There were violent scenes in Melton, in Melbourne’s west, where six people were arrested and weapons including knives were seized when Reclaim Australia campaigners clashed with anti-racism protesters.

Police were forced to subdue some protesters with capsicum spray.

Race Discrimination Commissioner Dr Tim Soutphommasane said he supported people’s right to protest, but he was concerned some are out to spread hate.

He said it was important to remember that the “vast majority” of Australian society would not endorse that kind of “ugliness”.

“These anti-Muslim protests represent a fringe of our society that’s seeking to promote hatred and division,” he said.

It’s not “racists” or even the civic patriot (pro-Israel anti-Muslim) protesters that cause the violence, it’s the reds; but the media and the JOG will never admit that.

I was at the Adelaide rally on the weekend and there was an example of a family atmosphere where you could have brought picnic rugs and kids. Why? Because there were two ranks of police with horses keeping the reds at bay. And even so, the reds still tried to force their way through the police ranks in an effort to disrupt and cause indiscriminate mayhem, destruction and injury.

Of course, if they had managed to get through, they wouldn’t have lasted long. If by chance the civic patriots don’t know what to do, we WRL’s in the audience sure know how to handle the reds.

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Australians Should Reject Anti-Islam Rallies Says Race Discrimination Commissioner
If anyone doubts I was there, I’m sitting in the middle background in the bottom picture.
That picture was taken about half an hour before the scheduled 11am start.

The coppers did their job and kept the reds under relative control. They were so far away I couldn’t read any of their signs and their disruptive noise was barely even noticeable. … But the media and JOG wont tell you any of that because it’s of no use in pursuing their all-White-people-are-racist agenda.

Give me half a chance, and I’d give that gook Race Discrimination Commissioner a hiding myself and then feed what’s left of it to the reds! We’re at war for the future of our race and nation, and it’s imported traitorous bastards like that whom should die – not innocent White folk going about their business.


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