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By Reverend Scott Harrison
December, 37 AC (December, 2010 CE)

Creativity is a unique racial philosophy in that it is a racial religion, complete with creed and program that covers all aspects of the individual, the family, society and the environment. Creators view life and base our worldview on the entire White race, not from the perspective of a single ethnic group or nation-state. Creativity has been developed through a learning and understanding of history and science, allowing us to take the best of all ideologies and create a unique worldview better than anything the White race has had before.

One part of the Creator philosophy that is most unique is that we replace all the anti-White influence in our lives with new concepts that represent our race exclusively. Creativity is an alternative to the Jewish mind poison of Christianity, that has been a dagger in the spine of the White race since its inception over two thousand years ago. We intend to replace every last vestige of Christian influence in our lives, including the Gregorian calendar system, which counts years from the believed “Incarnation of Jesus,” the central character in the Judeo-Christian fairytale.

Never again should we place any worth in the Jesus character, one that cannot be substantiated by evidence or offer anything positive or beneficial for the White race. Never again will we refer to our calendar system in terms of “Before Christ” or “Anno Domini.” Creativity has a replacement to this calendar system that is easily understood and put in to practice by Creators in their daily lives.

The Creator calendar system is centred around the foundation of the first racial religion for the White race, Creativity. Creativity was founded in 1973 of the old calendar system, when our Founder - Ben Klassen PME – published Nature's Eternal Religion. This year was the Birth of our racial religion and will represent the year “0,” or Incepto de Creativitat. Although it is uncommon for a calendar to include a year “0,” we feel it important to acknowledge the year that the White race created a racial religion for its own Survival, Expansion and Advancement.

The years previous to the Inception of Creativity are known as Prius Creativitat, or “Before Creativity.” The year our Beloved Founder was born (1918CE) is known under the Creativity calendar as 55PC. In historical and academic discussion of times before Creativity, Creators should use “PC” to signify the years, rather than the Christian system that has been used in the past.

All the years leading up to the present and in to the future will be known as Anno de Creativitat, or “Year of Creativity.” The year in which this article was written (2010CE) is known under the Creativity calendar as 37AC. The publication of The White Man's Bible was in 8AC, or the 8th Year of Creativity. These years can be simply converted from the Gregorian calendar to the Creativity calendar, by subtracting the Gregorian year from 1973 [2010 – 1973 = 37AC], or for a PC year we do the same in reverse [1973 – 1918 = 55PC].

The Creativity calendar system can be well illustrated by the Creator Holy Days. These days are of significant importance to Creators and often commemorate an important event in the history of Creativity and the White race. The Holy Days as of 37AC are listed below:

January 26 South Victory Day
Commemorates the White conquest of the Australian continent in 185PC.

February 20 Klassen Day
Birthday of our beloved Founder, Ben Klassen PME in 55PC.

February 21 Founding Day
Anniversary of the publication of Nature’s Eternal Religion in IC.

March 10 RaHoWa Day
Anniversary of the foundation of the old World Centre in 9AC.

September 15 Kozel Day (Martyrs Day)
Remembrance day for Reverend Brian Kozel, Creator martyr murdered in 17AC.

December 26 – January 1 Festum Album
A Festival of White Racial Pride:
Day I History, Day II Destiny, Day III Unity,
Day IV Ingenuity, Day V Memorial, Day VI Law, Day VII Purity.

December 29 West Victory Day
Commemorates the White victory over native American resistance in 83PC.

The Creator Holy Days are just another example of the replacement of anti-White influence with a Racial Loyalist alternative for the White race. The days acknowledge and commemorate some of the most important events in the history of the White race.

It should be noted by Creators that the new calendar system does not alter the positioning of leap years, nor do the number of days in a month or year change. The Creativity calendar was designed with simplicity and practicality in mind, we intend for it to be put in to practice by all Creators, with the hope that it replaces the anti-White references that have been used until now.

So, my White Racial Comrades, this new system has been established for you. Make it a part of your daily life and share it with your Brothers and Sisters, inspire them to adopt the racial creed of Creativity, the only religion that represents the White race exclusively without the inclusion of Jewish or anti-White influences.

Reverend Scott Harrison
Victorian Church of Creativity, Australia




CATHOLICISM is based on the Jewish-Christian Bible which the Catholic church itself compiled from a collection of myths, legends, letters and remnants of other ancient religions that preceded it. It was not until some 300 years after its mystical beginnings that the Vulgate Bible itself was put together. This was done under the iron hand of Roman Emperor Constantine at the Council of Nicaea in 325 C.E.

Among other things, it recycled the story of the crucified Savior that had been used by 16 other ancient religions that preceded Christianity The Bible consists of the Jewish Old Testament, which comprises of approximately 76 per cent of its content, and the New Testament making up the last 24 per cent. They are ostensibly two completely different breeds of cat and do not belong together. The ideology in the two books are completely at odds and contradict each other, but this, too, is blandly glossed over.

The Catholic hierarchy, as already stated, compiled the Jewish Christian Bible as they saw fit, then claimed God wrote it and gave to it, the Catholic church, sole authority to be his one and only spokesman on earth. Essentially, it is based on the same spooks-in- the-sky hocus-pocus as has been promoted by thousands of other primitive religions and superstitions that are mankind's sorry hangover from the Stone Age.

CREATIVITY is based on the Eternal Laws of Nature, on the Lessons of History, on Logic and on Common Sense. It does not believe in any of the spooks- in-the-sky nonsense, nor does it believe in pie-in-the-sky, nor the idea of fry- in-the-sky in a hereafter.

CATHOLICISM is multi-racial, strongly promotes integration and race mixing. It has done so since its inception and especially so since the
Catholic Portuguese and Spaniards settled North and South America. Today, it is outright hostile to the White Race and strongly favors the
rights and interests of the niggers, Indians and mud races of the world. From its inception, the creed and teachings of the Catholic church have been an unmitigated disaster for the White Race.

CREATIVITY, on the other hand, is dedicated to the survival, expansion and advancement of the White Race alone, with the ultimate goal of populating this Planet Earth exclusively with an intelligent, orderly White Race.

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