An analysis of Hitler’s Advice – How it applies to Creativity

(In his great book, Mein Kampf, Adolf Hitler wrote a number of chapters that are invaluable to our movement, and in fact, to any White racial movement. In Issue No. 6 of Racial Loyalty we printed Chapter V, Vol. 2 and entitled it Philosophy And Organisation. This is an analysis of that particular chapter.)

“Anyone who picks up a Jewish newspaper in the morning and does not see himself slandered in it has not made profitable use of the previous day; for if he had, he would be persecuted, reviled, slandered, abused, and befouled”

[Adolf Hitler]

In Adolf Hitler’s brilliant dissertation on movements, leadership philosophy and religion there is so much valuable advice that applies to our own movement, Creativity, that it almost seems he had us in mind when he wrote it. It behooves us to analyze and to summarize those areas that apply to our movement and highlight them further. We want to take a realistic look at how we can best profit from good advice and reap the utmost benefits – will it help promote Creativity ? Properly utilized, I can assure you the great leader’s advice can and will be of tremendous value to us in practical application.

There are certain aspects that I want to highlight as to how they materially concern our own movement, Creativity.

A] The need for Destructive Criticism in order to destroy the rotten Jewish social order that exists before a new and better order can be built.

In our own movement, Creativity, most of our basic concepts are highly constructive, such as for example : A Sound Mind in a Sound Body in a Sound Society in a Sound Environment; or, Salubrious Living; or Eugenics and safeguarding our Gene Pool; or Organic Gardening; or upgrading the level of our Art, Music and Literature; or giving special attention to the geniuses in our midst and giving them an opportunity to develop their full potential; and/or a dozen other constructive goals and programs, culminating finally into the overall objective of building a Whiter and Brighter World. In this respect, I want to re-emphasize that a better world cannot be built by proliferating more misfits, morons, and freeloaders upon a shrinking segment of producers. On the contrary, a better world can only be built by producing a better grade of people, more competent and intelligent, and only amongst our own White Racial Comrades can we find the seed bed for such a revolutionary, new and brighter world.

Be that as it may, nevertheless the real world as it now exists, is constituted of an increasing horde of dark races, breeding, feeding and expanding largely at the expense of the more competent White Race, toward whom this avaricious horde is extremely hostile. Not only is the quality of life for the White Race rapidly going down hill, but the quality of “humanity” even more so, and even among it the White Race itself. No matter what segment of our society we look into, it is rotten to the core. It is Jew infested and Jew controlled, and this miserable tribe of parasites is determined to utterly break down our society in every nook and cranny until it has destroyed the noble White Race itself. Hitler points out that in order to build a new structure, or any new system, it is first of all necessary to clear the ground, to clear the debris and make room for the new structure. This means the old order must first be destroyed and to do so you must attack ! attack ! attack ! and totally demolish it. Christianity did so with a vengeance when it was trying to establish itself. So did Mohammedanism. So did the Communist movement, and so have the Jews against all other peoples since the beginning of history. This is only natural and Nature herself condones this approaching the struggle between the species.

To recapitulate — in order to build a better world, we have to demolish the present rotten (Jewish) order. To accomplish this, we must properly identify our enemies. These are in short and in their respective order of menace :
1] The Jewish establishment per se.
2] The dark races
3] The Judeo-Christian establishment as such, which has wreaked utter havoc in the minds of our race, and always sided with the Jews, the dark races and the scum of the world.

In clearing the debris from the scene lest the bleeding hearts start screaming again, let me repeat what we Creators have said over and over : We do not intend to kill anybody ! It is our program to shrink the Jews and other dark races by ceasing to subsidize and feed them, and let them wither on the vine of their own incompetence. With the Judeo-Christians it is a different matter. In the first place, most of our White Racial Comrades cither are, or are loosely affiliated with the Judeo-Christian religion. That this is so is one of the major tragedies in the history of the White Race, but nevertheless it is a fact of life with which we and the entire White Race is confronted, and we have to deal with it. Furthermore, to add to the disaster, some of our most stalwart citizens either are, or hypocritically profess to be Christians, because it is the accepted thing to do.

As I have pointed out on numerous occasions before, Judeo-Christianity has been, and still is, the most effective brain scrambler the Jews have concocted in the art of mind manipulation over the last two thousand years. It is a weapon we must demolish and smash from out of their perfidious hands. We must relentlessly expose this treacherous spookcraft and again straighten out the White Man’s thinking. When we do, we will also get the Jew off our back. Until and unless we do so, the Jew will retain a direct pipeline to the White Man’s soul, his thinking, and his direction, a sinister situation indeed. One of the bright spots in this picture, however, is that Judeo-Christianity is so utterly ridiculous when examined that it is easily exposed and demolished to any thinking person. All we need to do is expound and expand Creativity and Judeo-Christianity will fall of its own lies and rottenness.

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So we must attack, attack, and attack again, and our best weapons are ridicule and exposing its Jewish origins. We will have no peace until Judeo-Christianity is exposed, the Jew is off our back and the White Man wrests control of his own destiny back into his own capable direction. In this respect, it is important to point out that gung-ho, born again Judeo-Christians are not our primary recruiting target at this time. In fact, along with Jews and negroes, they are at the bottom of our list of prospects. And for good reasons. Such people have had their minds so warped as if a knife had cut through their brains, and logic and reason and common sense does not reach them at all. So let us leave them alone and let them learn the hard way. I repeat, they are the least likely prospects and let us not waste our energies on them at this time. We will get to them later.

Fortunately, among our White Racial Comrades there are many who have seen through the Jewish-Christianity hoax on their own and are looking for a more sane and realistic philosophy of life. Many others were never too interested or infected with Christianity in the first place and are also looking for a spiritual home that makes sense and they can believe in. These too, are good prospects. Then there are many White Racial Comrades out there who instinctively have racial concerns, who are aware of the world disaster that is impending and are looking for a solution. They too are excellent prospects. It is these that are prospective members and it is our beholden duty to find them and bring them into our organization.

B] No Compromise : The Inflexibility of Creed

On this subject, Hitler says the following : “Political parties are inclined to compromise; philosophies – never. Political parties even reckon opponents; philosophies proclaim their infallibility.”

Most people would rather indulge in quibbling about some nit-picking triviality in the philosophy of Creativity than go out there and buck the wrath of the world in promoting it. This is unfortunate and a situation that must be corrected. In Creative Credo No. 73. the last Chapter of the White Man` Bible, we find numerous ways of “copping out,” and this matter of arm-chair “discussion” about oft meaningless details of changing our creed, is one of the most frequent and useless. We are in a position similar to say, a car manufacturer. Let us say Chevrolet has come out with its latest model and is now ready to market it. Before it could reach this stage it had to go through much time, labor and expense. First of all, it spent years in creating the design and drawing up blueprints for that design. There soon came a time when they had to say : “This is it. The time has come to now freeze the design and start cutting the dies for production.”

Next, the dies are cut, at an expense of hundreds of millions of dollars. Production lines are set up, marketing schedules are prepared. Finally, the car is in production and the sales program is launched. At this point, the head executives are no longer interested in bickering about nit-picking details about the curve of a fender or other minor details. At this stage, the dies are cut, production is in full swing and the important thing is to merchandise the product or else the company will go broke. We, of the Church Of Creativity, are in the same position. We are no longer in the design stage. The dies have been cut and the production lines are in full swing. We are now in the promotion stage and it now behooves us to promote the hell out of our movement. There is nothing more pointless or useless at this stage than those who would philosophize, be cozy arm-chair generals and indulge in re-vamping the design. Let me repeat, we now need promoters, distributors, organizers and doers.

C] The Search for the Great Promoter

In Chapter 5, page 457 of Mein Kampf, Adolf Hitler says about the “intelligentsia” : “They never understood that the strength of a political party lies by no means in the greatest possible intellect of the individual member, but rather in the disciplined obedience with which its members follow the intellectual leadership.” What applies to a political movement also, of course, applies to our own religious movement, and in general, to any movement. The essence of It is this : (a) a powerful creed, (b) dedicated and disciplined followers, and (c) the quality of its leadership.

We have come a long way, but still have the most strenuous battles ahead of us. As Klassen pointed out in “Our Greatest Need”, we have a full blown creed and program that is comprehensive, meaningful and complete; and we have our “Bibles,” something Christianity took 300 years to achieve. We are now in possession of a racial religion whose ramifications can and will rebound to the tremendous benefit of the White Race for the next million years. That part is done. The Creation of a racial religion for the salvation and redemption of the White Race is now an accomplished fact. Creativity is the answer and it is here to stay. It is now our beholden task to find the Great Promoter. I feel certain that there are many young White men in their early thirties, or younger, living right here that (at least potentially) have the stuff of which great leaders are made. It is our task to contact them, to find them, to search them out. This we will do with your help.” >Print Friendly Page