Adelaide Club Succumbs to Jewish Supremacism

Adelaide Club move ends Jewish tension

Miles Kemp: The Advertiser | July 16, 2008,22606,24027834-5006301,00.html

A PROMINENT member of the Jewish community has been granted membership of the Adelaide Club, easing recent tensions between the two organisations.

Australia-Israel Chamber of Commerce President and accountant Allen Bolaffi will be welcomed to the club at a new members lunch next month, nominated by several of his colleagues.

The acceptance will help end years of ill-feeling within the Jewish community and criticisms levelled at the club after managing director of Shiels [SACreator EDIT: and Grahams] Jewellers and Adelaide personality Albert Bensimon complained he was refused membership in 2005 and 2006.

Mr Bolaffi said he had been away at the time of Mr Bensimon’s rejection and said he did not believe his appointment was relevant to the debate.

“Nobody has asked me what football team I support or what religion I am, I am there on my own credentials and my own merit and that is how it should be,” he said.

“I have been a businessman in this town for 30 years and two of my colleagues nominated me. I have accepted the nomination.”

Egyptian-born Mr Bensimon said he had been told the Adelaide Club was also seeking a prominent Asian-Australian to help improve its multicultural image.

“I am happy that (following Mr Bolaffi’s appointment). I broke the back of a small but influential element within the Adelaide Club,” he said.

“When I was asked to withdraw my application I refused and I was told it would be very embarrassing, but I wanted to expose the situation.”

Adelaide Club management refused to comment on the membership yesterday but at the time of Mr Bensimon’s complaint in 2006 denied any discrimination.

Mr Bolaffi has been managing partner of accounting firm UHY Haines Norton for more than 28 years and is a prominent local government auditor and business director.

The 143-year-old gentlemen’s club has about 1000 members.

Jewish Community Council president Norman Schueler said the Adelaide Club had been an exception to the very tolerant South Australian community.

I really couldn’t care less about Albert Bensimon’s race or religion. Judging him by his own actions, Bensimon is a vile, contemptuous, self righteous, **********! ** ****** ******* *** ************ ******* ** ***** **** **** *** *** making use of the same threat he has for all ** *** *********; if you speak out, *** **** *** **** ** *****, *** his team of lawyers will make damned sure that you will lose everything you currently own and that you will never work again. Fortunately I do not work for Ben Simon and already own next to nothing.

The real reason Bensimon was refused entry to the Adelaide Club is because of his character – which is quite well known; but in a stereotypical Jewish way, Bensimon had to raise the cry of “anti-Semitism,” thereby gathering the forces of Jewish supremacy to battle in his stead. And of course they won because White people just don’t have the gumption to stand up for themselves against false accusations of “anti-semite” and “racist.” All they ever do is make a feeble attempt to deny it and then give the Jewish supremacists whatever they demand, which is supposed to be for the benefit of all of society, but in reality is just another triumph for Jewish supremacy.

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Albert Bensimon should be locked in one of South Australia’s deepest and darkest dungeons, never mind be lauded over as one of the top businessmen of South Australia.


Update 19 November 2011: The above text has been edited in accordance with instructions from our legal representatives. The original text contained two accusations that can be defended in court, but we have no wish to see the personal and professional lives of innocent people destroyed by what would be a very public hearing with dire consequences for those that oppose Bensimon – win or lose. The remaining text is my personal opinion of the man. According to the Australian Press Council, my opinion is just that, an opinion. And as such is permitted in the context in which I have presented it. I also believe that my comments are born out by the original article itself and the subsequent threat of legal action from Bensimon’s representatives – see below.


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Adelaide Club Succumbs to Jewish Supremacism

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